Barbieri is an internationally operating manufacturer and supplier of intelligent color measurement systems which ensure the highest image quality for professional digital printing.

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Professional Digital Printing

The digital Large Format and Flatbed Printing is one of the most fast growing markets as continuously new printers, inks and media appear on the...

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Services Center

Spider Asia (YunBo © Shanghai Co.LTD) is Official service center in asia and china , Spider Asia is certified dealer and autorized in distribution parts and repair Barbieri products...

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YUN BO Shanghai signed Special Partnership Agreement of Greater China Area with BARBIERI electronic (Italy)

In the APPPEXPO, March 8, 2017, Shanghai, the General Manager of YUN BO Shanghai, Ms. Sarah Khoo signed the strategic partnership agreement of BARBIERI Greater China with BARBIERI electronic International Sales and Market Vice President Mr. Wolfgang Passler. And Mr. Garrett Hsieh will serve as Greater China Sales and Marketing Manager (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam). According to the agreement, YUN BO will be the exclusive agents of Greater China. The partnership will benefit the industry and create positive impact, including Service center in Asia, stabilize market price and improve the production with higher quality images.

Autorized Dealer : Spider Asia

“Spider Asia (Yun Bo Company LTD ) is official dealer ”to “all of your Barbieri devices.”


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