Spectro LFP qb

The new spectrophotometer platform: build for flexibility...

The Spectro LFP qb combines incredible universality and precision with a range of new features and supports the M1 measurement mode, which is now a must for many customers. It is a platform that satisfies the most stringent customer requirements – and an investment in the future that optimizes the workflow in the spirit of sustainability.

Application fields

•   Linearization and profiling of professional digital output devices on a wide variety of materials (reflective and transparent)

•   Suited for Fogra 51 and G7: Conformance to new ISO 13655-2017 "M1 part 1/ method a", M0, M2, M3 measurement condition …reflection and transmission!

•   Detachable spectral unit for spot color measurements

•   Measurement of fluorescent inks

•   Working as a team on one device

Who needs this device?

Printing labs who need

•   M1 measuring condition (f.i. Fogra 51, G7)

•   to measure manually spot colors and automatically whole charts

•   to measure any kind of substrates

•   to measure many charts

•   to measure fluorescent inks

•   different user to work on one device

•   Color management consultants

•   Main features

•   Real D50 illumination to guarantee conformance to new ISO 13655-2017 "M1 part 1/ method a", M0, M2, M3 measurement condition …reflection and transmission!

•   Removable measuring head (spectral unit) for measuring spot colors

•   Camera-supported sensing unit for instant automatic positioning

•   Switchable apertures (2, 6, 8 mm) for measuring different materials, surfaces, inks and resolutions

•   For transparent and reflective media

•   Also for heavy and thick materials (max. media thickness 20 mm)

•   Measurement of fluorescent inks

•   Supported by most RIP-software

•   Some examples of materials which can entirely be automatically measured: textiles, glass, backlit film, paper, vinyl, silk, fabrics, fine art paper, plexiglas, adhesives, banner, canvas, polyester, PVC, wrap film, cardboard, plastic plates, gypsum plates, wood, stone, ceramic plates.

•   Ethernet and USB connection

•   Geometry:

…reflection 45°/0°

…transmission d/0°

•   Includes free measurement software Barbieri Gateway for Mac and PC

•   Calibration and Certification Service recommended every 18 months